The 3 Best Exercises for Low Back Pain

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  1. Why do I have pain? I didn't do anything. I haven't done anything different. I've never had that before?
  2. Is it okay for me to see my medical doctor and see what he says? What if my medical doctor tells me not to see a chiropractor?
  3. I know you're not a medical doctor so how much education do you actually have?
  4. How long will it take for me to get out of pain and get this problem fixed?
  5. Why do I have to come in three times per week? My other chiropractor only adjusted me once a month or whenever I "needed" it for maintenance care after the first few weeks. I feel fine so why do I need to get adjusted?
  6. Do you work on kids? Is it safe?
  7. These symptoms are normal because I'm getting old, right?
  8. What happens when my insurance runs out and won't pay for my care anymore? What if I can't afford it?
  9. What can I do at home to help my spine and health?
  10. Why do I still have pain or tightness right after I get adjusted?


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