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Total Loser Challenge


Win $500 for Being a Total Loser!


Total Health Chiropractic is challenging YOU to be a Loser! The Total Loser Challenge is a 2 month weight loss contest from April 1 through May 31.


If you lose the greatest overall body fat percentage, 

you are THE Total Loser,

and winner of the $500 Grand Prize!!

You can also earn prizes every week!

By losing the greatest body fat percentage for that week you could win:

  • Box of Produce from Door to Door Organics
  • Studio 109 Salon Makeover
  • Power Plate Workout Session with Personal Trainer
  • Troppo's Gift Card
  • Body Media Fit Device
  • Ideal Protein Recipe Book
  • Massage
  • Kohls Gift Card

You have A LOT riding on this, and I'm not just talking about being the Total Loser.

Obviously if you're reading this, you feel like you need to lose weight. We don't want you to lose weight JUST for the chance to win prizes.

We Want This Contest to Provide Motivation Not in the Short Term, but in the LONG TERM!

Losing excess weight and keeping (or building) lean muscle means you will be HEALTHIER!

When you improve your health, your entire life improves!

Can anyone disagree with that?

To register for the Total Loser Challenge, here is what you do:

Attend one of two Total Loser Challenge workshops. 

Why??? Because we will go over the rules and guidelines of the challenge.

AND it will give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you have.

AND you will schedule your first weigh time for the week of April 1.

AND learn what to expect at your first weigh in and subsequent weigh ins. (Did you know our Nutrition Coach can give you weekly tips that will dramatically improve your chance at success?)

AND how you become eligible for the weekly prizes and Grand Prize.

Plus, we will give you tips on:

  • How you gain fat
  • How you can keep muscle while you lose the fat
  • What foods to avoid
  • How to keep the weight and fat off for good!

We are as thorough as they come and we don't want any confusion about the rules, eligibility, prizes, weigh ins, etc. 

There is a small $15 registration fee that covers you for all your weekly weigh ins and email access to our Nutrition Coaches and Doctors!  If you decide to be a Total Loser, you will pay this fee at the workshop when you schedule your first weigh in.


Before we go any further, I want to let you know that this is open to the entire community!

t's not just for Total Health Chiropractic patients or Ideal Protein Weight Loss clients.

(Although being on Ideal Protein will greatly increase your chance of losing fat AND keeping muscle AND winning prizes AND keeping the weight off AND living healthier once the contest is over. Isn't that what being a Total Loser is all about?)

Let's see: Motivation to lose weight...get healthier which means possibly get off drugs for high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, thyroid, arthritis...weekly prizes...$500 Grand Prize...weekly weigh ins to measure your body fat percentage to everyone...mandatory weight loss workshop...$15 registration fee.

Yeah, that about covers it.


Now all that's left is to Register For One of The Total Loser workshops:


Click Here for March 26

Click Here for April 2


What Are You Waiting For...BE A TOTAL LOSER!


As always, GIVE YOUR BEST!



P.S. Just a reminder...Weekly Total Loser and Grand Prize Total Loser winners will be based on greatest percentage of body FAT lost for the week and overall, respectively.


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