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Part 3 of the Body Balance Program

Thursday, September 30, 2010 | Category: Fitness, Function

Hopefully you remember the first two parts of the Total Health Body Balance program. If not, here's a quick reminder.

First is Structural Correction. This is the most common missing element of an exercise program. If your structure (i.e. posture) is poor, your performance will be poor. So you have to do specific corrective exercises to correct your posture as you engage in an exercise program.

Second is Myofascial Release. In other words, massage. You need to roll out the tight knots in your muscles before you can reap the full benefit of part three which is....


From our days in P.E. we've been told we need to stretch. But why? To prevent injuries? Get rid of pain? Feel better? Perform better?

I say YES to all those reasons.

There are certain muscles and joints that are prone to getting tight such as the ankle/calves, hamstrings, hip flexors, hip adductors/groin, lats, chest, and neck among others.

The reason these get tight is the repetitive postures that we engage in like sitting at a computer, bending incorrectly, or standing.

Morever, as we age it's almost more important to prevent the loss of flexibility, not necessarily gain flexibility.

When these muscles get tight, it can cause pain, fatigue, soreness, sprains, strains or other health problems.

So if we know which muscles are going to get tight, do you think it would be a good idea to stretch those muscles?

So that's the third part of the exercise program to balance your body...gain flexibility (or prevent the loss) in the muscles that are prone to getting tight.

Part 4 is similar to Part 3 but with a little tweak...

Talk to you soon...




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