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Why crunches are bad

Thursday, June 24, 2010
One of the comments I hear all to often from my patients and out in the community is that they don't do sit ups because they heard that sit ups are bad for the low back.
Instead, they do crunches.
The truth is, crunches can be (and usually are) just as bad for the low back as sit ups.
When I tell them that, they respond with, "well what am I supposed to do for my stomach!?"
I'll answer that in a minute, but first I want to explain why crunches can be bad for the low back.
Anytime you induce repetitive flexion movements to your low back, you put it in danger (especially the discs) of wearing out and spraining, tearing, and/or spasming causing low back or leg pain.
Even worse, you could herniate or "blow out" a disc!
Just like your heart has a certain number of beats it can perform before it wears out, you discs have a certain number of repetitive flexion movements they can go through before they start tearing.
So if you do crunches improperly, which from what I see most people do, you will wear our your discs prematurely. 
So now that you know why crunches and any other repetitive flexion/bending movement is not beneficial, what are you supposed to do?
Check out the links to the videos below for the answer:
So there are 5 great core and stomach exercises.
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Have a great weekend!

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