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Ugly Tie Contest!

Thursday, June 10, 2010 | Category: Total Health Events
I hope that one day my girls will love me enough to get me an ugly tie for Father's Day.
When you think of Father's Day, I bet one of the things you think of is an ugly tie.
It's just the quintessential, stereotypical Father's Day gift. 
So in honor of that, we are having an Ugly Tie Contest in our Lansing office!
Here's how you can enter your ugly tie...
Bring in your (or your husband's, brother's, grandpa's, etc) ungliest tie to Total Health Chiropractic in Lansing between now and Thursday June 17th to enter the contest.
Even if you are not a patient, you are still eligible to enter and win!
Voting will take place at our Father's Day Celebration in the office on Friday June 18th.
Patients and everyone else who comes in that day will vote for the ugliest tie!
So the winner is in your hands.
I don't want to forget the best part....
If yours is voted "Ugliest Tie," you will win $100 gift card to Home Depot!
I'm sure you could use that!
I'm not a handy guy but I still buy a lot of stuff at Home Depot.
Plus, we are having food and refreshments on June 18th from 7:30-11am and 3-6pm to celebrate Father's Day!
You know how Total Health can throw a party so don't miss it!
Keep getting healthy,

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