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Excerpt from Get Healthy Now for Life

Monday, May 10, 2010 | Category: Function
When one of my patients tells me they didn't do anything to cause the pain that they have, I have them go to page 152 of my book.

Here is what page 152 says:

“I don’t know what I did to make it hurt.” That’s a statement I hear almost every day. The following list consists of various physical, chemical, and emotional/mental stresses you potentially put onto your body, currently or in the past. Repeated abuse of these stressors causes your body to get out of balance, making it more susceptible to symptoms and disease. 
To give you an idea of how these affect your health, imagine your body as an empty glass underneath a leaky faucet. Every drop that goes in the glass is a stressor you are putting on or in your body. Some drops are bigger than others. Not until the water overflows will you get any symptoms or diseases. The goal is to fix the leak and dump the water out of the glass by doing healthy activities that, of course, are the opposite of these stressors.
Go through this list and make note of all of the ones you are guilty of. The more you check off, the unhealthier you will be.


In case you're wondering what are some of these stresses, here are the Physical Stresses which cause poor health and disease:

·         Not exercising at a moderate intensity for 20-30 minutes three to five times per week. (Moderate intensity means “slightly out of breath” to “can’t hold conversation”: running, walking briskly, jogging, strength/circuit training, swimming, yoga, Pilates, biking, skiing, aerobics, elliptical, treadmill, Stairmaster, exercise videos/DVDs).
·         Not performing stretching or flexibility exercises, including massage or chiropractic adjustments.
·         Not getting at least six hours of sleep at night.
·         Not taking naps.
·         Performing repetitive movements like painting, gardening, shoveling, landscaping, throwing, overhead activities.
·         Sitting down most of the day, especially at a computer.
·         Talking with the phone between your shoulder and ear.
·         Sitting on a wallet.
·         Standing in one position most of the day.
·         Using improper bending techniques repetitively or when lifting something heavy.
·         Holding or carrying objects repetitively, like children, boxes, equipment, laundry, groceries, or luggage
·         Having trouble falling asleep.
·         Sleeping on your stomach.
·         Sleeping in an unsupportive bed, couch, or chair.
·         Having poor posture including:
            Head out in front of your shoulders
            One shoulder higher than the other
            Shoulders rolled forward
Flat feet
Knees rotated inward or outward (knock-knees or bow legs)
One leg shorter than the other
·         Past serious medical ailments, accidents, or injuries (heart attack, cancer, car accident, or injury requiring surgery, etc).
·         Being pregnant.
·         Delivery process for mom and baby.
·         Falling down, especially when learning to walk.
·         Carrying a backpack.
·         Wearing unsupportive shoes, especially while exercising, walking, or standing.
·         Wearing high heels.
·         Not wearing foot orthotics to support your foot arches.
·         Having an eating disorder.
·         Being overweight or obese.
·         Sports injuries.  Performing repetitive movements required in sports.
Remember, that doesn't include the Chemical or Emotional/Mental Stresses!
If you tell me, you are not guilty of anything on those lists, then I will say, "I have no idea why you have pain."
More than likely, you will check off multiple stresses and that's the reason for your pain, fatigue, frequent colds, sinus infections, hight blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and on and on.
Hope that helps to shed some light on why doing "nothing" can be so painful.

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