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Do Something

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | Category: Fitness


I don't always feel like exercising.

Many people think I do every single time, but I honestly don't.

Sometimes I'm tired, don't have the motivation, would rather watch
TV, don't feel good.
And I'm sure you have had those same excuses too.
Jerry West, Hall of Fame NBA basketball player, has a great line:
"You can't get much done in life if you only work on the days you
feel good."
So true.
We don't always feel like doing fill in the blank.
And too much of the time that blank is filled in with the word
But if we don't, what will happen?
You have to suffer the consequences.
And what are those consequences?
Heart disease, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes, arthritis,
obesity, pain.......
These are all preventable (contrary to what you may hear, these
are not genetic!).
My message to you today is....Do Something everyday.
It doesn't have to be an hour of exercise everyday.
It could be a 10 minute walk one day.
10 minutes of stretching the next.
15 minutes of strength building exercises.
5 minutes on the foam roll to massage your tight muscles.
Just something.
Once you feel how what this 'something' does for your body
(and mind), you will create an amazing habit.
In times where you don't feel like doing anything, remember how
you felt when you actually did something, and that will help provide
some motivation in those tough times.
I'm diligently working on our Total Health Body Balance DVD program
to actually show you how easy and little time you need to improve your
body and you won't have to suffer those consequences.
Until next time,

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