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Balance your Body

Monday, April 12, 2010 | Category: Fitness, Function

It’s been a pretty exciting week with my book coming out.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look, click here.
But I’m not stopping there to help you get healthy….
Where you feel pain is not necessarily where the cause of the pain is.
A great example is a heart attack.
Where do most people who have heart attacks feel pain?
Many times they get left arm pain.
If you went to your doctor and told him you had left arm pain, and he or she thought it was a heart attack, would you say, “But Doc, my arm hurts, not my chest.  Look at my arm!”
I hope not.
My patients may hurt in a certain area but I have to determine where the actual cause of the pain is.
It may be that specific spot or it could be caused by a close or distant area.
Did you know that gradual knee pain does not come from the knee as much as you would think?
You may have knee pain and tried to ice, stretch, physical therapy, electric stimulation, or something else focusing on the knee.
Your knee may feel better for a little while but then it comes back.
With joints and joint pain, you have to look at the joints above and below that joint you’re feeling the pain.
So for the knee, I have to make sure your ankle and hip have the mobility they need.
For low back pain, I have to look at your hip and mid back.
For upper back pain, I have address neck and mid back mobility.
And so on for the rest of your body.
You have areas of you body that need mobility, and if they don’t, you increase your chances of pain.
These areas include your ankles, hips, mid back, neck, and shoulders.
However, other areas require stability, and if that’s lost, you could have or get pain in these areas which include your knees, low back, and neck.
Because I know this is how the body works, I know that when your body is out of balance, is not mobile, or is not stable, you greatly increase your chances of pain and dis-ease.
So along with adjustments and chiropractic care to fix your postural imbalances, you will also want to do mobility and stability exercises to fully balance your body.
Therefore, I am creating the Total Health Body Balance program.
It will:
Correct your structure
Loosen up knots in your muscles
Improve your mobility and flexibility
Stabilize and strengthen weak muscles
These exercises will balance your posture and body so you will feel better, get stronger, be flexible, and have more energy.
So that’s my next big project to help you and your family get healthy!
And I can’t wait for you to do it!


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