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I am writing a book and need your help

Monday, February 8, 2010 | Category: Function

 As you can see from the subject line, I am writing a book.

I never thought I would write a but I found something I'm
passionate about, have a lot of experience with, and want to
share it with you.
It's something that everyone wants but many don't know how
to go about getting it.
I see and hear it everyday and I just had to do something about it.
This might even be you and that's why I need your help.
The topic I'm talking about is getting and staying healthy.
There is so much information out there but a lot of it is confusing.
You hear something is good for you one day and the next day, it's
bad for you.
I want to give you a practical and easy to follow guide to improve
you and your family's health.
To do that, I would like to hear (and read) any questions you have
about health.
Or how to get healthy.
Or how to stay healthy.
By healthy I mean: pain free, active, your body working at its top level,
fighting off infections, not having to take drugs, etc.
I set up a website where you can ask your question.
Plus, you'll get something in return for submitting a question.
I did an interview I did with a former Chief of Staff at Sparrow Hospital
right here in Lansing, MI and I want you to have it for helping me out.
It's absolutely FREE (right now).
Trust me when I say it is a must listen.
He lets you in on the "State of Health in America."
And right now, as I'm sure you're aware, America's health is not
anywhere it should be.
And he tells you why.
All you have to do is go to this website listed below:
Once you get there, you'll see exactly how to submit your question
and listen to the interview.
I really want this book to answer the questions you have about health.
I am writing it for you so I definitely want to have the information you
want to learn.
Thank you so much for helping me with this project.
I can't wait to see your questions!
Thanks again!



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