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I am thankful for getting sick

Sunday, December 6, 2009 | Category: Function

Seems like an odd title for an article doesn't it?

Thanksgiving just past but I am still thankful for many things including getting sick.

Let me explain.

The week of Thanksgiving was extra hectic and stressful this year.

My wife's grandpa passed away early in the week so we drove to the Chicago area for the wake and funeral Tuesday and Wednesday.  Then Thursday morning we drove back to Michigan for Thanksgiving at my family's house.

That in and of itself is stressful but when you get out of your normal routine, putting extra stress on your body, you're asking for trouble.

The extra stress I'm talking about is not getting regular sleep, not taking my vitamins, not eating the healthiest of food, not getting adjusted, not exercising, and all of the emotional stress during the week.

So the Saturday after Thanksgiving, because of all the unhealthy things I was doing, I got the worst migraine headache I have ever had.  My body just couldn't take the punishment anymore.

To give you a quick past history, I started seeing a chiropractor in the 8th grade for migraines.  I remember him saying my head was on crooked which can cause the headaches.  Long story short, now I get maybe one migraine a year...maybe.  And when I do, it's because I have worn my body down by partaking in unhealthy activities.  So it's my own fault if I get one.

When I got the migraine, I wasn't too thankful.

But after, I realized it was a good reminder that I better take care of myself, even during the holidays.  And so should you.

Plus, after a short bout of being sick, it makes you appreciate how good it feels to be healthy.

So this is your reminder to do healthy things for your body during your holidays like getting enough sleep, taking your vitamins, exercising, getting adjusted to take the stress off your nervous system, eating nutritious foods and not just the awesome food the holidays bring.


But if you do, be thankful when you get healthy.


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