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Halloween Blowout Pictures

Thursday, November 5, 2009 | Category: Total Health Events

What a great Halloween!

The one comment we heard the most at our Halloween
Blowout Extravaganza yesterday was,  "You guys sure go all out!"
And I have to agree.
Almost 200 people came by to see what we did this year!
And what we did was.............."Grease"
Each room was decorated as a different scene from the
movie like the Pep Rally, the Sleepover with the Pink Ladies,
the Frosty Palace, the Drive In (with a 1/4 of a car in the room!),
the Carnival, and the National Bandstand dance scene.
We even had a '55 and '57 Chevy parked outside our office!
Plus our entire staff dressed up as the various characters.  (I was
Danny complete with jet black hair.  Fortunately for everyone
there, I did not sing.)
It was truly an awesome and inspired day!
If you were able to make it, thank you for coming...and I'm
sure you weren't disappointed.
Now we just have to come up with something for next year.
Here are some pictures of our Grease Halloween:

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