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A Great Race to Run

Monday, October 19, 2009 | Category: Total Health Events
It was a pretty busy weekend for me and my family.
We went to Chicago where I ran in the Men's Health Urbanathlon.
It was an 11.5 mile run that me and two friends split up into a relay.  Overall there were over 5,000 racers!
The unique part of this particular race was that there were obstacles like a tire run, monkey bars, high hurdles.
For my leg of the relay, I ran 2 miles, then went into Soldier Field where we had to run up and down the stairs four times (that's a leg burner) which equalled another mile, then finished off with another 1 mile run.  At the end of the run was a taxi jump and then a climb over and eight foot high wall!
It was a pretty cold day and as I was waiting for about an hour for my leg to start, I thought there was no way I'd do it again next year.
But now that I'm done, I know I can do better and I will do it again next year.
My wife is strongly thinking about doing it too!
We did pretty well...finished 167th out of about 400 relay teams.  So in the top half!
That's the first race I've run in about 10 years.  It's definitely nice to have some extra motivation to train. 
We all need motivation;  that's the premise behind our Total Health Fitness Challenge.
The Urbanathlon is motivating me to do something similar in Lansing, too.
Another goal I have is to organize a race in Lansing and I love this format so be on the lookout in the next couple years.
I shared some pictures below of our experience.

Brian, Jason, and me before the race. (Even wore my Total Health shirt so everyone knows about us now!)

Dr. Monica and I trying to stay warm before I run.

This is where I waited until it was my turn to dominate!

These are the hurdles Jason had to climb over to hand off to me.

This is the end...after the 2 mile run, the run up and down Soldier Field four times, then another mile.  This is pretty cool!


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