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What did you do last Halloween?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 | Category: Total Health Events


Halloween has been a big deal at Total Health Chiropractic the last two years.

We know part of health is having some fun...making our patients and community smile.

So in 2007 we did this:



And last year:




Hopefully you can tell that we were Alice in Wonderland in '07 and The Wizard of Oz in '08.

Honestly, the pictures do not do justice to all the work out team put in, especially Lori, Dennis, Amy, Cara, Erica, Katy, all the doctors.  At least 90% of everything you see was hand made, not bought!

(Next time, I will show you a video to give a better representation.)

This year will be no different in how we amazingly transform our office.

It's a lot of work but we do it for you.

Since Halloween is on Saturday this year and we can't wait that long, we are having our party on Wednesday October 28.

So do not forget to stop by and see what we do this year!


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