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How to Improve your Workouts

Monday, September 21, 2009 | Category: Fitness

There are three specific ways to make your favorite exercises and workouts a little more challenging.  When you challenge yourself, you will experience even greater gains.

It's really pretty simple...but not easy.

First, you can increase the weight for that exercise.  That one's pretty obvious right?  As you get stronger, you will be able to lift more weight.  If you don't increase the weight, then you will not improve your strength.  And ladies, you do not have to worry about getting big muscles if you lift weights.

Second, you can increase the reps that you perform for a certain exercise.  It depends on what your goals are to know how many reps you should do.  For example, you want to stick in the 6-12 reps range if you want to get stronger and build a little more muscle.

Last, and this is the one that you may not know, you can decrease your base of support.  That means, for a certain exercise, you can bring your hands or feet closer together.  Or to make it even more challenging, you can stand on one leg and perform the exercise if it's a leg dominant exercise.  If it's an upper body exercise, you can also perform it with one arm.

You can see this type of progression in the videos below,  First, is the Modified Straight Leg Deadlift (two feet) and the second is the single leg version.




Hope you like these tips!


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