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I Never Thought I'd Do It

Thursday, September 17, 2009 | Category: Function

Hi, I`m Dr. Ryan Wohlfert, owner of Total Health Chiropractic. I`ve developed this website to provide you with information, ideas, and inspiration to help you reach optimal health and fitness successfully.

Whether you want just a few good strategies or a comprehensive health and fitness system, you`ll find it on this website.

I suggest you start by signing up to the Total Health Membership Site. You`ll have access to health and fitness programs, weekend warrior workouts, exercise and nutrition programs and much more to improve you and your family’s health dramatically. Plus, keep abreast of the upcoming events we hold in the community. And did I mention that it’s free?

One think I didn't think I'd have on this site is a blog.  But then I thought, why wouldn't I have a blog?

I can have more personal contact with you (as personal as the internet can be that is) because you can give me feedback instantly with your comments.

Plus, you can stay updated on all the events we have during the year like out Total Health Fitness Challenge that is going on right now.  Our big Halloween party that we are already planning.  If you haven't seen our last two years, I will post some pictures and videos in the coming weeks.

There's also our Children's Health and Wellness Expo that will be at the Lansing Center in February.

So I'm really excited with all the possibilities this has to offer.

Until next time...

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