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Toal Health Recap

Sunday, December 18, 2016 | Category: Total Health Events

Here's the first edition of the Total Health Weekly Recap...


In case you missed it...

- Cara, our long-time receptionist/chiropractic assistant/director of accounts recievables (and my sister-in-law), had her baby girl on Monday December 12. Her name is Clover Elizabeth and she was 8lbs 2oz. And, she received her first chiropractic adjustment less than 24 hours after her delivery:)

- Since Cara is now going to be a stay-at-home mom with her three girls, you'll see Haley taking over for Cara in Westphalia. AND she's also helping us in our Lansing office. She started a few weeks ago and has been doing AMAZING!

- Speaking of new additions to Total Health, you'll notice another new face in Lansing and Westphalia. Her name is Lauren and she's a new Rehab Tech. Many more people are committing to correcting their spinal issues so that's why we needed more help in the Spinal Rehab department. She's a senior at MSU looking to get into the health field after she graduates.

Next time you're in the office, make sure you give Haley and Lauren a great welcome...and I'm sure they'll do the same to you:)


Coming soon...

- Christmas and New Year's!! Since both fall on the weekend, it will not affect our Chiropractic or Nutrition hours. Now, you can get the stress off your body AND keep it off throughout the holiday season!


Spinal Health (i.e. Function)

Your Spine (especially your neck) must have a certain ideal shape to build your health and protect you against disease...

Here's one way we do it and how it works.

====> Check it out here

Nutrition (i.e. Food)

If you're like millions of Americans, you love your COFFEE!

But, the crap we put in it is NOT helping build a strong body.

Here's a recipe I use for a healthy delicious Chocolate Peppermint coffee creamer...perfect for the holidays!!

- 1 can lite coconut milk
- 1 tbs melted coconut oil
- 1 tsp (or 1 packet) of Stevia
- 2 tbs raw cacao powder
- 1 drop Peppermint oil

To mix, it works best to use a self-serving blender (like the Ninja or NutriBullet) and then transfer to shaker bottle. Store the shaker bottle in refridgerator and just shake and pour into your coffee as needed.

If you have any suggestions for topics or if you have any specific questions you want answered about your Function, Fitness, Food, or Focus...

Simply comment below or email me directly.

- Dr. Ryan


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