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Why I got my blood tested (or at least tried to)

Monday, June 13, 2016 | Category: Focus

If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that health, fitness, and nutrition are top priority.

Without my health, I can't take care of and provide for my family (my "why").

Getting regular blood work done is essential to being and staying healthy. Knowing my blood sugar, thyroid hormone, and testosterone levels are just a few I'm interested in.

You may be surprised then that I haven't gotten my blood tested in YEARS!

Well, I rectified that on least I tried to.

I was scheduled for my blood draw in Jackson at 1:45pm on least I thought I was.

After fasting the whole morning, still working, running a couple errands after work on the way to our cottage (which is south of Jackson), I arrived at the lab...

...But there was no record of my appointment.

So, after 16 hours of no eating, you can probably imagine I wasn't in the best of moods.

I did my best to keep my composure, apologizing to the lab tech for my tone, reassuring her I didn't blame her for not being on the schedule.

It was just a chain reaction of unfortunate events and a huge miscommunication regarding the whole process.

In the end, I didn't get my blood drawn...but I will this week.

This is not a post about me complaining about my "plight." (Although it may sound like it.)

It's actually quite the opposite.

You see, one of the reasons I want to get my blood tested is because I want to know the whole process.

Blood testing and analysis is something we want to offer at Total Health and what better way to understand it than to get it done myself.

I'll give you more info about it later but just know this is NOT your run-of-the-mill blood analysis you get at your doctor's office.

Here's what this post is about: Everything working out for the best, just like it always does.

Because this miscommunication happened, I'm going to understand the process from scheduling to blood draw to blood analysis MUCH BETTER!

Just like when you make a mistake or get a problem wrong on a test, you're more likely to remember the answer the next time.

So as you go through your week, and you encounter an obstacle, objection or outcome, ask yourself how that obstacle, objection, or outcome is going to make things better...

Just like it always does.

Dr. Ryan
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