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The KaiZen Philosophy

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 | Category: Focus

In the last year I’ve been exposed to a philosophy of continual steady improvement.

It’s called the KaiZen philosophy.

Kai = Change

Zen = Good

The first time I heard it, I got butterflies in my stomach so I knew I was onto something.

It’s not sexy or extreme, but it resonated immensely, deep down to my core.

If you continually improve little by little on a daily basis, in a short period of time, you’ll see huge changes.

Again, that may not sound attractive and fascinating, but it is in it’s simplicity and effectiveness.

This philosophy applies to relationships, fitness, business, making money…

…and most definitely your health.

There is no magic pill for your health.

No cure-all.

No wonder drug you can take.

There is only you CHOOSING to make continual steady improvement so you can reap the rewards…

Living a long, productive life.

Caring for your children.

Enjoying vacations with your loved ones.

Making a difference however you choose.

The choice, as always, is yours to make.


Dr. Ryan

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