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How do you consider your health?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 | Category: Focus

How do you consider your health?

Is it a sprint?

Or, is it a marathon?

Constantly chasing the newest fad, and then quitting a month later…

Purchasing the next big workout program, and then quitting a week later…

Following a diet your friend suggested because she got great results, and then quitting a few days later…

These are signs you consider health a sprint.

You feel it’s a destination that you arrive at, and you can stay there for a lifetime.

But, it’s not...and you can’t.

Making continual steady improvements in your Focus…

…your Food

…your Fitness

…your Function


The first “100 meters,” you can chase the fad, buy the workout program, and follow a specific diet…

…But if it doesn’t work for you, you still have to “run” the next 26+ miles.

And you accomplish THAT by making steady improvements in your Focus, Food, Fitness, and Function.

Not by completely throwing in the towel because you perceive the first 100 meters as “unsuccessful.”


Dr. Ryan

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