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The First Step to GREAT Coaching

Monday, January 11, 2016 | Category: Focus

Junior year of high school...Varsity basketball season.

My coach, Ron Kramer, pulls me back into his office after a practice.

He asks me, "What do you need to work on to be successful?"

I said, "Well, I need to get in better shape."

He said that would help but there's something bigger.

You see, I was ALWAYS hard on myself. I wanted to do things perfectly, get the perfect result.

As we all know, sports (and life) does NOT work like that.

So when I missed a shot, had a turnover, the guy I was guarding scored on me, I didn't handle it very well.

Here's what would go through my head (tell me if this sounds familiar to you)....

"You suck!"

"You're never gonna get any better!"

"You're letting your team down."

"You shouldn't even be out there."

When I was worried about my conditioning, my coach was worried about my FOCUS.

Because he knew THAT'S what was most important.

He saw if I kept focusing on what I couldn't do, it didn't matter what "strategy" he gave me to get in great shape, shoot better, jump higher, run faster...

....with a horrible MINDSET, I would not be my best.

And neither will anyone else, including YOU.

Ron Kramer is a GREAT coach.

I don't say that because he was easy on me.

I don't remember him fondly because he blew sunshine up my ass.

To this day, I still love talking to him when I have the opportunity.

You see, GREAT coaches can see what's THE most important to make you your best...

...even if you don't.

Live #TheFitHealthyLife,

Dr. Ryan

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