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My Favorite Podcasts

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 | Category: Focus

I want to consistently surround myself with positive people and messages. I want to constantly learn from the best of the best on how to build great health, relationships, finances, and vision.

I also like to decompress and just be entertained.

One of the best ways I do that is through podcasts.

A podcast is an audio (or video) you can download to your computer or other portable media player, typically available as a series. And you can receive new installments automatically if you subscribe to that podcast. AND they’re FREE!

There are many different categories you can choose from. This is a list I took from iTunes: Arts; Business; Comedy; Education; Games and Hobbies; Government and Organizations; Health; Kids and Family; Music; News and Politics; Religion and Spirituality; Science and Medicine; Society and Culture; Sports and recreation; Technology; TV and Film

I listen to them while I’m working out, in the car, or while I’m grocery shopping.

I get an array of information from various experts in the fields I’m interested in like health, fitness, and self-improvement.

Some of the podcasts I listen to are educational, some are inspirational, and others are just fun to listen to.

Over the last few years, I estimate I’ve subscribed to over 30 podcasts.

Right now, my favorites are…

EDUCATIONAL AND INSPIRATIONAL. These are ones I primarily listen to in the car and grocery shopping.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (this one is my favorite right now)
The Good Dad Project
The Art of Likability
The Art of Charm
Ben Greenfield Fitness: Fitness, Fat loss, and Performance advice
The Fat-Burning Man Show by Abel James
The James Swanwick Show
Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP)

FUN. These types are my favorite first thing in the morning when I’m working out and getting ready for work.

Doug Loves Movies
How Did This Get Made?
Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr
The Flop House

These fill my head with good thoughts and images instead of the crap I tend to hear on regular radio and TV.

They allow me to filter what I listen to.

These are my favorite podcasts right now, but if these don’t resonate with you, there are tons of other podcasts to choose from.

Happy listening,

Dr. Ryan

P.S. If you have any good podcasts that I might like, PLEASE let me know:)

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