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LISTEN to Your Body (Why It's HORRIBLE Advice!!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 | Category: Function

You might have heard a doctor, therapist, trainer or even a friend say "listen to your body."

The problem with that advice is the signals that you are getting from your body are usually WRONG!

Or, those signals are MISSING!

For example, when you eat a big meal, laced with sugar, carbs, or other processed foods, you feel stuffed. But then an hour later, you're body says "I'm starving" and you go to the cupboard. (i.e. a WRONG signal)

Obviously, your body isn't "starving" or even "hungry."

But, because those foods cause a faulty signal, your body (and brain) thinks you are. So if you "listen to your body," you're gonna eat even more!

And how does that turn out for you??

That's just ONE example.

Have you ever heard that by the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated? (i.e. a MISSING signal)

There are millions and millions of processes happening every second in your body, keeping you alive and functioning.

There's NO WAY you can possibly listen to ALL of them, or even half!

Plus, by the time you actually "hear" these signals, there's probably something that's been building for a LOOOOONG time.

Think heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. A great majority of the time these disease processes build without your body telling you...until it may me too late.

So we can't rely on "listening to our body" to have a healthy life.

A Fit Healthy Life is built with the day-to-day CHOICES we make, regardless of the symptoms we have or don't have, or if you heed that horrible advice.

But, there is a way listening to your body is accurate and good advice...

The way these signals are actually accurate is when your body is FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY!

That means, there's minimal to no interference and the signals aren't WRONG or MISSING.

And that happens when you're making good healthy decisions of a DAILY basis with your Focus, Fitness, Food, and FUNCTION (i.e. brain and nervous system).

Not just when you hear your body screaming at you:)

Keep Living The Fit Healthy Life,

Dr. Ryan


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