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Get your Guns in Shape for Tank Top Season!

Monday, June 15, 2015 | Category: Fitness

Alexa Boyce, Certified Health Coach at Total Health Chiropractic in Lansing, MI, shows you how to get your “guns” back in shape for summer and tank top season!

This workout really fatigues your biceps and triceps. It’s called “Up the River, Down the River.”

Instructions: You’re gonna select three weights for Bicep Hammer Curls: one weight you can do for 16 reps, a heavier weight for 12 reps, and the heaviest weight for 8 reps. After going Up the River (with the only rest time being the time needed to change the weight), you’re going to do 20 Overhead Tricep Extensions.

Rest 60 seconds after the Overhead Tricep Extensions, then go Down the River. Start with 20 Overhead Tricep Extensions, then the heaviest weight for 8 reps, the medium weight for 12 reps, and lightest weight for 16 reps.

This workout is really get your biceps working hard!!

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