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Instead of finding EXCUSES...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 | Category: Focus

"Instead of finding EXCUSES to NOT do something, find REASONS to DO IT."

My wife and I took a 30-day challenge.

For the last 29 days, we’ve been eating dairy- and grain-free (i.e. Paleo).

We don’t “need” to. We haven’t been diagnosed with any disease. We don’t have to lose weight.

But, having access to great health coaches and teachers, we know the detrimental effects dairy and grain can have.

And we don’t like to wait until there’s a problem with our health to make changes that will help us live better, longer, and happier.

The commitment was tested (just like it always is in life) the last few weeks.

First, we traveled to New Jersey for a seminar. And last weekend we were in Chicago for a birthday party and the Tigers-White Sox game.

Because we knew obstacles would get in the way at some point, we had to be prepared.

And this was one of those “points.”

It would have been easy to use an EXCUSE to eat bread, cake, pizza, or have a beer.

“It’s ONLY one piece of pizza…it’s ONLY one beer…we’re in Jersey…it’s ONLY one little bite…we’re at a baseball game!!” Yada Yada Yada...

We had to ask ourselves, “What’s more important right now…eating this bread, cake, and pizza and wasting a month OR finding alternatives that are just as satisfying?”

So instead of finding excuses to quit, we found REASONS to stay committed.

After the 30 days, will we GORGE on cheese, pizza, sandwiches, and donuts?? NO!

Will we have SOME cheese, pizza, or even an OCCASIONAL donut?? Maybe.

Because when you KNOW and FEEL what you can DO when your body is functioning at a peak level, it’s hard to find an EXCUSE to overcome your REASONS.

Keep Living The Fit Healthy Life,

Dr. Ryan


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