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Don't Overcomplicate It

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 | Category: Function

After a cold winter it's nice to be back at the cottage.  When we got there last Saturday, we went over to our neighbors to say Hi and catch up.

During our conversation, our neighbor, Lynn, mentioned she's been sufferring with plantar fascitis in both feet.

It's so painful that she can't put pressure on her feet first thing in the morning which is very common with plantar fascitis.

I asked her what's she's been doing to treat it. She said she's been stretching, using an ice bottle to massage the bottom of her foot, and has had 3 CORTISONE INJECTIONS!

All with little to no relief.

I see this problem regularly so I asked if she wanted me to evaluate her feet and offer her any advice or care.

I could see (and feel) after about 2 minutes that she had very poor mobility in her foot/ankle joints (yes, there are multiple joints in the foot and ankle).

Very SIMPLY, when you lose mobility in joints, ESPECIALLY the foot and ankle, it causes PAIN!

So I agreed to adjust her feet and ankles (yes, we adjust feet and ankles) to restore some mobility. And I also showed her how to do her stretches for maximum benefit.

After ONE adjustment, she felt immediate relief. The next morning, she got out of bed, and could put pressure on her feet and WALK!

I'm just wondering why after all this time and treatment that she had received, why did NO ONE look at the SIMPLE, easy-to-fix issue?

Instead, multiple and expensive and COMPLICATED treatments were used.

This problem was made more complicated than it had to be. And we seem to do that A LOT with our health or when we get a symptom.

Many times, we imagine the worst case scenario, go to our medical doctor, get tons of tests done (because they imagine the worst case scenario), receive months of treatment...and FEEL EXACLTLY THE SAME OR EVEN WORSE.

As I talked about last week, your body heals; it just needs to be put in the position to heal. When it's not, it loses its ability to FUNCTION OPTIMALLY and your healing suffers.

That may be too simple to understand, but I like the simple things;)

I'll continue to see Lynn every weekend and do a SIMPLE thing and make sure her feet are FUNCTIONING like they're supposed to.

Lynn told me the next day she was worried about what her next treatment would have been.

Now she doesn't have to worry.

Keep Living the Fit Healthy Life,

Dr. Ryan


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