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6 Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Tuesday, July 22, 2014 | Category: Function


Cara Wirth

I thought I was a goner beginning week 7 through week 16 of my current pregnancy. I had the WORST Morning Sickness!! I didn’t think it was possible to throw up that much throughout a span of 9 weeks…this baby proved me wrong! It totally caught me off guard being a healthy person who eats organically and works out regularly, but I came to terms with it fast and started my search for natural relief. Nobody knows what causes morning sickness but now that I’m way past week 19 and feeling MUCH better, I came up with my list of the top 6 remedies that helped me most and will hopefully help other mama’s out too!
1. Sea bands (helped most with nausea). They work as a form of acupressure applying pressure to the pressure points in your wrists.  Stimulating pressure helps your body to balance. Typically used for motion sickness.
At first I kept them on all the time except when I slept…they stayed clean through my daily showers. After awhile I found they worked better (might be in my head but I got desperate) if I kept them off for a day or two to sort of reset the pressure points. When I put them back on, I found the same relief restored again. If you’re fortunate not to have all day “morning” sickness then you could put them on during the time of day when you feel the worst.
I got mine at Target for around $7. I’m sure you could find them at most any retail store in the vitamin and first aid department.
2. Probiotics (helped most with vomiting). This vitamin works to eliminate harmful bacteria in your digestive system and replace it with useful bacteria. It regulates the function of your intestinal and digestive tract, essentially balancing the flora in your tum tum. 
The only thing that helped me keep anything down was taking these suckers. If I forgot, my body would soon remind me. 
I order my probiotics from Nature’s Sunshine for around $25/bottle. ( You could also find good quality probiotics at Better Health or Foods for Living.
3. Snacks (helped most balancing blood sugar & nausea). It’s like an oxymoron…I’m throwing up non stop, so I should eat more? (Pregnancy can be so strange.) Protein filled snacks, veggies, and fruits in small portions, frequently. When I eat every hour or two, I maintain my blood sugar. Less fluctuation really helps with the “yuck” feeling we all know so well. Everybody’s on board with the importance of fruits, veggies, and protein BUT let’s just be honest here… When nothing else sounded good, I ate Little Ceasar’s pizza & when I realized I wasn’t throwing up, my guilt melted away. Don’t panic about what you’re keeping down as long as you’re keeping something down. Then I could really focus on drinking more water and easing my way back into the healthiest foods. 
My favorite quick snacks are: greek yogurt, clementines, apples with peanut butter, cottage cheese with strawberries and pineapple mixed in. Yum!!
4. Essential Oils (helped with nausea). These guys have such an amazing effect on the body! I don’t know about you but I have this amazing pregnancy super power of scent and EVERYTHING stinks to me. Unfortunately, my gag reflex follows. Using essential oils can trigger an enjoyable emotion just from the scent.
Some of my favorites to use were Lavender, which creates a calming effect & smells lovely. Also, orange & lemon can trigger feelings of invigoration and warmth. Peppermint is awesome and totally the multipurpose oil. This oil was great for nausea to rid smells and when you put it on your tongue it cleanses the pallet of that non-stop taste of gross in your mouth, after hanging out in the bathroom. It also helped alleviate headaches and can help you focus when you have baby brain-bonus!
The great thing about essential oils is you can use them as often as you want in whatever order and frequency you feel necessary. I have a stock pile around my desk at work…must have to make it through the day!

I am a huge fan of Young Living. That’s where I order all my oils. (

5. Chiropractic Care along with Cranial Sacral Therapy (helped with everything from sore ribs from hovering the toilet, headaches, poop problems, back soreness, general discomfort). I’m seriously fortunate because I have the advantage of working with 5 awesome chiropractors everyday!
Early on I was throwing up multiple times a day and I had crazy headaches with dizziness. And then my baby started to favor the left side of my belly causing some round ligament pain and hip discomfort. Then my left ankle was randomly swollen. Then…the list goes on, right?! Keeping up with my chiropractic adjustments allowed me to find relief naturally as my baby and body continue to change and grow. I know I can rely on chiropractic care to keep my posture and health in tip top shape through each trimester and after. Keeping my body aligned will also help keep the baby in the correct position and delivery should be a piece of cake with my hips in line, right?! (fingers crossed)
Total Health Chiropractic is the place to be for a unique experience. We do things differently in this office, outside the box. Although I am in good hands with all of the doctors here, Dr. Monica has extended training in pregnancy and prenatal care, which is amazing! (
6. Slow Down (helped to feel centered & comfortable). I have a husband, a 9 year old daughter, and a full time job so I know it can be hard to do at times. However, after a few weeks of being sick I came to realize that when you’re sick from pregnancy time is really the only cure.  And when you aren’t feeling well it’s hard to want to do anything but lay down. Except when I was laying down my mind was still going a thousand miles a minute…. “I should be doing laundry… I have all these things to do at work tomorrow… what if I never stop throwing up…” Shifting my thought process to really slow down, when I could helped me release anxiety, relax, and be more comfortable. 
The things that helped most were: Meditation - just close your eyes and breathe. Music therapy - pretty voices, good beats, and a soothing sound are good for the soul. Sleep -  As. Much. As. Possible. 
Well ladies, the good news is it’s actually a good sign that your body is doing what it needs to. Make no mistake - feeling terrible is a healthy sign that you are growing a beautiful baby.


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