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6 Non-Toxic Natural Sunscreens

Thursday, May 29, 2014 | Category: Function


Monica Wohlfert, DC, CCP

I love the summer, being outside, enjoying the sun and taking in the benefits of Vitamin D the sun provides. However, you may not be aware that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the US with more than 2 million diagnosed each year. So we need to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and from aging effects of the sun.

Recently more and more studies show the harmful effects of some of the chemical fillers in common sunscreens. One of the most common chemicals found is Oxybenzone. Research has shown to avoid oxybenzone because it can penetrate the skin, cause allergic skin reactions and may disrupt hormones (Calafat 2008, Rodriguez 2006, Krause 2012). 

Here are a few natural oils you can use to replace the bottled sunscreens you find in stores that are full of potentially harmful toxic ingredients.

1. Coconut oil: SPF 2-8. I used this last summer with oil I had at home when we spent the day at beach and it worked beautifully. However, I also have darker skin than most. I also made sure to reapply generously throughout the day. I would recommend a stronger one for lighter or fairer skin.

2. Shea Butter:  SPF 2-6

3. Avocado oil:  SPF 4-10

4. Wheatgerm oil:  SPF 20

5. Red Raspberry Oil (has a vast range depending on quality): SPF 28-50. The only oil to protect against UVA & UVB (most other plant oils only protect against UVB).

6. Carrot Seed Oil:  SPF 38-40

I always recommend using high quality products and I also strongly recommend reapplying every couple hours as with any other sunscreen.

You can check out; they carry a great number of these oils on their website.

To see how harmful your sunscreen may be, check out this EWG’s 2014 Sunscreen guide to find top-rated sunscreens:



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