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Conquer the Pyramid Workout

Monday, May 12, 2014 | Category: Fitness

With only two exercises you can get a fast heart pumping, fat burning workout. The exercises we chose are the Half Burpee plus Deadlift combined with Jump Squats. When you perform these in a pyramid format, it's even better.

Watch Alexa show you how it's done: 


Here's how you do it:
Perform 15 Half Burpee+Deadlifts, then 1 Jump Squat. Then do 14 Half Burpee+Deadlifts, then 2 Jump Squats. Then 13 Half Burpee+Deadlifts, then 3 Jump Squats. You see as you decrease the Half Burpee+Deadlifts by 1, you increase the Jump Squats by 1.

Do this until you get to 1 Half Burpee+Deadlift and 15 Jump Squats.

If you need to start with less reps, go for it...but still push yourself!

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Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

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