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Free Fitness Assessments at Open House!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 | Category: Total Health Events


If you want to KNOW where your current fitness (and body composition) level is, wouldn't you want to use the best, most accurate equipment to find out?

I know we do!

That's why we have the most accurate body composition analyzer out there!

We want to determine your health, fitness, and rehab needs to the highest degree and the InBody520 Body Composition Analyzer allows us to do that!

You can get your FREE Body Composition Analysis at our Westphalia Open House on September 21st from 9am to Noon.

You can stop by ANYTIME to get your analysis. AND, the analysis takes less than 5 minutes!

To see how it works, watch this:

See you at the Open House!


P.S. To see what else is FREE at the Open House, click here!

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