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Patients of the Week!

Sunday, July 28, 2013 | Category: Function

Jan Klein
Jan is a Patient of the Week for a very specific reason. She puts her family's health as a top priority as well as her own! While her husband and daughter are both strengthening their health by doing our Corrective Spinal Rehab plan, Jan has been participating in a home rehab plan. And she has been rocking it! We have seen so much improvement with her because she follows the protocol thoroughly. Some might think it's impossible but Jan and her smiling face are living proof that even in a tight spot, health can still be a top priority.

Aaron Thompson
Aaron is another of our long-time patients who's been doing our Corrective Spinal Rehab plan to strengthen his spine and health. He makes all of his appointments and is always in a great mood. Even while waiting to get his adjustment and Corrective Spinal Traction, he does multiple exercises on the Power Plate to maximize his time in the office! Aaron loves keeping us company and as you can see is an all around great patient. We always look forward to his smiles when he comes in and his awesome attitude rubs off on everyone else!

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