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Patients of the Week!

Sunday, July 21, 2013 | Category: Function


Brad Thelen

Brad has been a patient for quite some time and in that time he has been more than faithful. Whether he has insurance or not, he gets in every time he is supposed to and doesn’t let his insurance dictate his health. He knows if he’s not getting better he’s getting worse so he does everything he can to keep himself in tip top shape for his job, his family, and himself. When health is a higher priority than cash or what your insurance will cover, you know health is your #1 Priority.


Dianna Smith

Dianna has been a patient for a long time and has seen so much improvement since her first visit. After seeing the results of her x-rays and what our additional therapies can do for her health, she recently decided to take her health to the next level with our Corrective Spinal Rehab plan. She does all of her Postural Rehab Exercises and follows her plan to a T. She just finished the first phase of the corrective plan and the results are amazing!  Plus, she always has a great attitude and brings in sunshine every time she walks through our doors.

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