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Patients of the Week!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | Category: Function

Shirley Thelen

Shirley has always been very active. She is a former basketball player and now is an avid runner. She has competed in multiple marathons including the Boston Marathon! Even with her athletic history she knew that her body needed to improve. So over the last 5 months she has been working diligently in our Corrective Spinal Rehab program not so she can just get active and healthy now, but stay there her entire life! I now one of her goals is to keep up with all of her kids and her husband for a long, long time. Great job Shirley...keep at it because YOU WILL get there!

Joe Clemko

What can I say about Joe except that he's AWESOME! Joe is a starving law school student with little time and means. BUT, he still manages to place his health as a top priority. He has done almost everything in our office - K-laser treatments, Power Plate and TRX workouts, and now over the last couple months, our Corrective Spinal Rehab program. Since he's started his corrective program, his adjustments are getting easier and his spine is strengthening into a healthy position (and staying there)! One last thing...We pride ourselves in helping and looking out for all of our patients needs, but Joe does the same for us. He's always recommending articles, case studies, and other treatments to help us become even better healthcare providers. Thanks for everything Joe!

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