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Patients of the Week!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 | Category: Function


Cindy Hanses

Cindy has been a patient for quite awhile but in the last few months she decided to take her health to the next level. She knew it would take commitment but decided that our Corrective Spinal Rehab program was what she needed. The exercises and traction were a challenge at first but now she's a superstar in the office and at home!  She always makes her appointments, making sure she's doing her rehab perfectly. Cindy has had a transformation since her first visit with us and she'll reap the benefits for her entire life!!! We really enjoy seeing her and her kids in our office.

John Gross

John first came to us because he saw so much success in a former Patient of the Week, his wife Bev. He has been very diligent and faithful to his appointments and has had unbelievable success with our Ideal Protein Weight Loss program. He has lost more weight then he even expected and has recently had to buy new clothes!! John is such a happy guy and it is great to see how much his life has changed by making his health his number one priority!


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