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Patients of the Week!

Monday, June 3, 2013 | Category: Function

The Nurenbergs

Mary (mom), Hudson, and Drew have been amazing patients. Anytime the boys have so much as a runny nose mom brings them into our office to boost their immune system! Although it took Drew some time to come around, they are all healthy and happy when they walk through our doors. Hudson has so much energy and Drew used to scream while getting adjusted and now he just smiles! Mary always makes sure her and the kids make all there appointments and has showed dedication to her and her children’s health!

Barb Kelly

Barb has shown so much dedication since she first came to our office. She has come so far and amazes us with her progress every day. She has done everything from Spinal Decompression to Power Plate Therapy and stays strong in everything! She came in with unrelenting chronic pain including having difficulty walking without losing her breath. Now she has a smile on her face as she trots around the office! She shows everyone that it is possible to find a way to get healthy if you really want it! She is a toughy and we are all so proud of how far she has come. And we can’t wait to see how far she goes!!!

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