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Patients of the Week!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | Category: Function


Melanie Ruscher

Melanie is a very dedicated patient who always makes her appointments and it has definitely improved her health. She just recently started our Ideal Protein Weight Loss and is doing amazing! Plus, her posture has shown great improvement since she has started the Corrective Spinal Rehab program! Melanie is always willing to do new exercises or traction if it means improving her health. Her health priority also extends to her son Brayden. Whenever Brayden starts to get a runny nose or even a slight cough, she is always sure to bring him in and strengthen his immune system. Melanie not only makes health her #1 priority but also her sons and that makes a great patient!

Werner Girls

The 3 Werner Girls, Lisa (mom), Melanie and Vivian, are the most cheerful and energetic girls you will ever meet. Whether they are waiting to get adjusted or telling us about there family time home rehab, it is always with a huge smile. They have yet to miss an appointment and are happy they haven’t. The Girls haven’t been sick nearly as much and Lisa can finally run with no hip pain!!! They are a great example for all patients who want a healthy family and we are so happy to see them in our office every week! Keep up the great work girls!

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