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See the Fitness Class (video)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | Category: Total Health Events


I've written about our Power Plate and TRX workouts before but I thought you should actually SEE what it looks like.

There are hundreds of exercises you can do on the Power Plate and TRX and you'll see a few of them in the video.

As you probably already know, at our Open House on June 1, we are conducting Free Power Plate and TRX Fitness Classes at 4 different times, with our Personal Trainer!

The exercises you're about to see are not necessarily the ones you'll be doing at the Open House.

I want to assure you that all the exercises are modified based on your current fitness level. That's one of the reasons working out with our trainer on the Power Plate and TRX is so effective!

Plus, you're going to rev up your metabolism, build your strength, and burn calories like a furnace in a shorter amount of time!

You can click on this link for available class times and Sign Up for your Free Fitness Class!

Check it out:

Can't wait to see you at the Open House!


P.S. If you bring a friend, you and your friend will also get a voucher for ANOTHER free fitness class!

P.P.S. Plus, by just coming to the Open House, you'll be entered to win a BodyMedia Fit Armband. What is that??? It only gives the most accurate information on your activity levels, calories burned, and sleep patterns! (That's why they use it on "The Biggest Loser."  Click here for more info on this device.

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