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Free Treatments! Free Workouts! Free Food!

Friday, May 24, 2013 | Category: Total Health Events

You are invited to the Total Health Open House Party...

Total Health Chiropractic is the Premier Health, Fitness, and Rehab Facility in Lansing and Mid-Michigan

You will experience WHY at the Open House Party on June 1st from 9a to 3p!

Watch the video to see the amazing FREE events and therapies (and food) you can take advantage of:


The combination of healthcare and fitness equipment, technologies, and therapies is unparalleled in the area.

And you can try them for FREE!

  • FREE Power Plate and TRX Fitness Classes
  • FREE Consult and Exam
  • FREE Nutritional and Weight Loss Workshops
  • FREE Health & Vitality Workshops

To register for any of these sessions or events, CLICK HERE for available times

AND...You can stop by anytime for:

    • FREE K-Laser Treatment
    • FREE World Class Body Composition Analysis


PLUS...FREE Catered Breakfast AND Lunch from Soup Spoon Cafe!!


The "Total Loser" Will Also Be Announced!!

Not only is the winner of the Total Loser Challenge on his or her way to a healthy life, he or she will get $500 for all the hard work!

Health and Fitness is not our job, it's not what we do...It's what we ARE!  And we want to share everything with you on this special day!


CLICK HERE to take advantage of the best healthcare in the Lansing area like:

FREE Power Plate and TRX Fitness Class
FREE K-Laser Treatment
FREE World Class Body Composition Analysis
FREE Consult and Exam (plus, the first 10 people will also get a full spine digital x-
ray for only $25)
Spot at one of of our Health and Nutrition Workshops

Or, you can just stop by anytime between 9a and 3p to join in the fun and check us out!
  Can't wait to see you there!!

As always, GIVE YOUR BEST,

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert


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