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Patients of the Week!

Monday, May 20, 2013 | Category: Function

Joni Johnson

Joni has been a star patient over the last 3+ months. She just completed her first Corrective Spinal Rehab plan! She got such great results that she's on the her second to completely correct her health for a lifetime! Plus, she's taking part in the Total Loser Challenge and our Power Plate Fitness Classes. The best thing about her is she is such a delight and positive person each and every visit, with a smile on her face and ready to do anything to get and be healthy!

Darren Thelen

Over the last 2 months, Darren has made his health a top priority. Darren is an excellent patient who is more than willing to do whatever it takes to get healthy! He has done a great job of sticking to his Corrective Spinal Rehab plan and making his appointments. He also is very diligent with his home exercises and traction, and it shows in both his stronger posture and better health! He came to see us because of numbness in his arm hand which has resolved thanks to all the hard work he has put in!


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