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FREE Fitness Class!

Monday, May 20, 2013 | Category: Total Health Events

Ever heard of a low-impact, accelerated fitness class, that builds muscle and bone density, improves circulation, and reduces cellulite?  Sounds like an oxy-moron doesn't it? 

It's all possible here at Total Health Chiropractic with our Power Plates and TRX bands!  Try a FREE Fitness Class during our Open House on June 1st from 9am-3pm.  We have multiple classes offered so all you need to do is register for the time that works best for you (on our webpage), wear your workout garb, and get the best workout of your life for FREE!

Invite your friends, family, whoever you want! All of our services are FREE that day, all that we ask is that you come in for the time you selected.  See you then!

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