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Patients of the Week!

Monday, May 13, 2013 | Category: Function

Drew Bengel

Drew is a very busy high school student who is in all kinds of sports and extracurricular activities, but he still manages to get in for all his appointments. He and his parents have a full understanding of how important his health is and although Drew didn’t have many symptoms, they still got him on a plan right away and made sure he never missed appointments. Drew discovered that even things like cold hands and feet lead back to your spine which affects your overall health. Drew has seen great improvement and we enjoy seeing him and his family in our office!


Alice Thelen
Alice is someone who literally goes the extra mile. Even while working in Kalamazoo she has made it to every appointment and taken advantage of everything we have to offer at Total Health. Whether she’s leaving work early or coming in extra days, Alice is taking the necessary steps to get healthy! Alice came to us because not only did she have symptoms, but also never wanted to get diseases some of her relatives had. She no longer numbness in her foot, heartburn, and acid reflux!  She is extremely dedicated; her heath comes first and nothing will stop her from making it optimal!

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