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The Monster Game (Kids Challenge)

Saturday, April 6, 2013 | Category: Weekend Challenge

I was thinking of a way to get kids involved in the Total Health Weekend Challenge. As parents, we should all know how important it is for our kids to be active. Healthy activity can get lost among iPods, DS's, video games, homework, and computers. And if we allow that to happen, our and their health will continue to decline even faster than it probably already is. I want to provide a few simple games you can have in your back pocket so you can have healthy, fun time with your kids.

The first game I want you to see is The Monster Game. It's actually a game that my girls made up which is why they explain it to you on the video. It's a game you can play either indoors or outdoors too!

Watch the Monster Game below to help get you and your kids active!

(I apologize for the video quality. I tried something new on my tablet, but until I figure it out I'm going back to the old trusty video camera for future videos. I'm confident you'll still be able figure out the gist of the game.)

Plus, let me know what active games you play with your kids.

Have an awesome weekend!


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