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The ERICA Challenge

Friday, February 22, 2013 | Category: Weekend Challenge

If you've been a patient in our office over the last 7 years, you know Erica. She is a beacon of sunshine and love everywhere she goes. In my lifetime, she has moved up to the top of my "Nicest People I've Ever Met" list. Unfortunately she has moved on to a new job but thankfully she still comes in for her treatment and rehab.

One of the many special things about Erica is that she loves to give and get hugs. So in honor of her, we are having The Erica Challenge this weekend.

Here's what you do: See how many hugs you can give this weekend so we can spread love everywhere...just like Erica. On Monday, post how many hugs you gave. The winner will get a big hug from Erica (I'm sure she won't mind)!

Give your BEST,



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