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30/30/30 TRX Challenge

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | Category: Weekend Challenge

TRX Suspension Training is an awesome way to get a complete workout. That's why we have them in our office! They are so versatile AND you can adapt them to your current fitness level. The 30/30/30 TRX Challenge utilizes three staples of TRX training. I know, I may not have TRX straps. If you don't, I show modifications on the video. If you are near our Lansing office, you can come in and use our TRX straps for FREE!  And we'll even time you! Watch the video below to see what you have to do:


You are going to do 10 Chest Presses, then 10 Low Rows, and then 10 Knee Tucks. You'll do that 2 more round for a total of 3 rounds. Use a stopwatch or timer to see how fast you can complete the challenge.  You can stop anytime during the challenge but keep the clock running until all 30 reps of each exercise are completed. (I would try and describe each one but it's much easier if you just watch the video so you can actually see them.)

I completed the 30/30/30 TRX Challenge in 3 minutes, 2 seconds. Post your score below! I can't wait to see who beats my time!

Click here to learn more about TRX training:

Have FUN and Give Your BEST!


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