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Jumping Jack Weekend Challenge

Thursday, January 3, 2013 | Category: Weekend Challenge

What was one exercise we always did in gym class. That's right...the Jumping Jack! It incorporates upper and lower body movement, coordination, endurance, muscle elasticity, and strength. So why don't we do them more often? (One place I love using them is as a warm up for all the reasons I listed.)

So let's get to it!!! Watch the video below and learn how to complete the Jumping Jack Challenge:


Do this:
Do as many jumping jacks as possible in 1 minute. For it to count, you have to touch your hands together at the top of the movement. If you can't do a traditional jumping jack do the modified version: Step to the side as you raise your hands over your head like in a traditional jumping jack. Step back to the center as you bring your arms down. Then step to the other side as you bring your hands over your head. I did 91 in 1 minute. I'd love to see how you did so post your score below!!

Give your BEST!

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

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