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The BEST Motivation for 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 | Category: Weekend Challenge

2013 is almost here so that means New Year's Resolutions.

One of the top resolutions every year is to lose weight, exercise...well, actually anything to do with health.

But you probably already know what happens a few months into the new year.

(Heck, it probably happens after a few weeks for most people.)

And maybe it's happened to you in the past.

If you want to stick to your resolutions this year, we are here to help!

The best way to stay motivated is to set goals.

I know, I've heard that before.

Most people set a big, huge goal then get frustrated if they haven't met that goal after a couple weeks.

Setting a big, huge goal is awesome, but you also need to set manageable, realistic, short term tasks to help you reach the ultimate goal.

For example, if you want to lose 50 pounds, you ain't gonna do it in a month!

But how can you do it?

Set a goal to lose 2-3 pounds of fat per week instead of thinking of the big chunk.

Well how are you gonna do that???

Obviously, nutrition, exercise, and even a healthy mindset!

(I could go into a lot more detail on how to lose weight but that's not why you're reading this today.)

To help with your yearlong motivation, to make 2013 "The Year of Health," at the end of every week, I'm posting a Total Health Weekend Challenge!

These will be bite-size tasks to help you stay the course.

It could be a fitness or exercise challenge.

It could be a nutrition task.

Or it could even be mental challenge (remember that healthy mindset you need?).

So the first challenge I'll release next week will be....the Jumping Jack Challenge!

Check back next Friday on our website, your email, or our Facebook page to see how to complete it.

In the meantime, have a great New Year!


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