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K-Laser Special TODAY ONLY!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 | Category: Fitness

Experience State-of-the-Art Pain Relief Technology!

You've been waiting patiently the last few days for this amazing offer!

This is a special we won't be running again for a loooong time and you'll see why.

Normally a K-Laser treatment is $40. (And that's even well worth it because of what the K-Laser does to heal damaged muscles, ligaments, tendons, and even bone!)

But with today's special, you'll get it for HALF that!!

Today only, when you buy 5 K-Laser will also get 5 FREE!!

Normally, that would be $400 for 10 K-Laser treatments.

But if you buy 5 treatments TODAY, you'll get another 5 on us!

If you add that up, that's 10 K-Laser treatments for only $400  $200!

AND, you'll have all of 2013 to use the treatments!

Knee pain, ankle and foot pain, ANY sprains or strains, shoulder pain, neck and upper back pain....even sinus congestion, bone brusies and fractures!!

The K-Laser works to heal your body FASTER! (If you want to learn more about the K-Laser and how it works, click here.)

This is such a great offer that we are only selling 20 of these K-Laser gift certificates.

This is going out to all of our Facebook friends, our entire newsletter list, and all of the patients who walk through our doors today.

To get one of the 20 gift certificates...for HALF OFF 10 K-Laser treatments...that don't expire until December 31,'s how:

1.  Stop in to our Lansing office TODAY at 252 S Waverly Road, or

2.  Call us TODAY at 517-321-8568 to pay with your credit card and we'll hold your gift certificate for you.

It's that easy!

Remember, this is TODAY ONLY, and we're only selling 20, so STOP IN or CALL (517-321-8568) today to take advantage of this rare offer because they're gonna go fast!

P.S. We have a K-Laser in our Westphalia office so you can use your treatments there too!!

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