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Help Children with Disabilities

Thursday, August 9, 2012 | Category: Total Health Events

The Miracle League of Mid-Michigan is dedicated to helping children with physical and cognitive challenges develop their full potential by providing them the opportunity to play baseball as part of a team in an organized league.

The benefits of participating in The Miracle League extend beyond the field and impact everyone involved.

Doesn't this sound like an organization you'd like to support?

And you can by participating in the Total Health Fitness Challenge!

All of the proceeds from the race go to The Miracle League (ALL OF IT!).

The Total Health Fitness Challenge is a 3 mile obstacle adventure race held on Sunday August 19th at Valley Farms and Granger Meadow Parks.

You do not have to be in unbelievable shape to participate. Last year there were all fitness levels in the race...and they all finished!

To learn more about the obstacles, prizes, and perks, it's easiest to just click on the link below.


And while you're there, click on the link to REGISTER for the race!

As our Fitness Coach, Adam, posted on his Facebook page: If you don't register and run in the Total Health Fitness Challenge, you're basically saying you don't like to help children with disabilities.

And you don't want to be that person, do you? 

(Yes, I will use any tactic I can to get you to challenge yourself...even guilt!)

So while you're challenging yourself, you will also make a difference!

See you at the Challenge!



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