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Get an AWESOME shirt!

Monday, August 6, 2012 | Category: Total Health Events

I'm ordering our Total Health Fitness Challenge shirts tomorrow!

One of the perks of running in the challenge is you will get one!

These are sweet moisture wicking, top-of-the-line tech t-shirts.

And, most races don't give separate male and female cut shirts...

Most of the time, the ladies get a men's shirt.

But not when you run our race!

Women will receive a women's cut t-shirt, and men will get a men's! (Yet another perk)

So if you haven't registered yet, Register TODAY to ensure you have your shirt at race time!


P.S. All of the proceeds from the Total Health Fitness Challenge go to The Miracle League of Mid-Michigan. So while you're challenging yourself, you're also making a difference!


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