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Top Workout Songs

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 | Category: Total Health Events

I know I have my favorite workout songs (pretty much anything from the Rocky IV soundtrack is awesome in my book).

I'm sure you have your favorite too.

Music definitely helps us to dig a little deeper to keep going and finish what we start.

You may know that we have Power Plate and TRX workouts in our office conducted by our Fitness Coach, Adam.

(Click here to find out the workout times)

We'd like your help in compiling a playlist of motivating workout songs.

Here's a link to if you'd like to refresh your memory or get some ideas.

Please list your favorite workout songs below so we can give you an even better workout experience!


P.S. The Total Health Fitness Challenge is only 2 months away so if you haven't started training, our Power Plate workouts can get you ready in half the time!

P.P.S. Or if you are ready, register for the Fitness Challenge NOW! Go to today!

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