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Patient of the Week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | Category: Total Health Events

Our Patient of the Week is Andrea M!

Andrea came to us with terrible TMJ.  She had tried everything, physical therapy, pain meds, every contraption under the sun to help alleviate her pain.  After her first adjustment, she slept through the night with no pain!  Since then she has started a Spinal Regenerative Program, stating that this is the "Year for Andrea".  She is making this the year to take her health into her own hands and boy, has she been serious about it!

She has never missed an appointment with us and she is so happy to be here because of the relief she is feeling. She also has scheduled her appointments during our renovations at our Westphalia office.  She does NOT want to lose momentum.  Not only has her TMJ subsided, she has less fatigue and no more headaches.  She's working hard, we're working hard and we both love every minute of it!  Congratulations, Andrea. We're proud of you!

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